vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Tik Tok...

Tik tok, that's what a watch says, and now you can tik tok with your own Ke$ha watch. She already promoted watches, but now she had the chance to design her own collection with Baby-G. There are two design choosen, one is really Amercian, with the three colours of the flag and the finishing touch is a golden signature of Ke$ha on it. The second one is sexy black and gold with a leopard pattern. Perfect for the party-animals! You can get it  in white and beige too, but then it isn't so Ke$ha anymore. When we ask her to explain her choice about the design, we get this answer: "I wanted everything to look like it was from the seventies and square. Cause, I hate circles!" For the campaign is Ke$ha the model too. She almost does everything herself! The pics are sexy, but still playfull. Ke$ha is so proud about the pics; she spend a lot of days in the fitness to look so tight. That's a reason to be proud.

Now it's mentioned, I have to go exercice too. You too? Let me know and don't forget to tell your opinion about the watches too...
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  1. I love reading your blog! Would mean a lot to me if you had a look at my blog and my newest look, too. XX


  2. Bel post!
    Visita e commenta il mio post! Ne sarò felice!