donderdag 30 juni 2011

Summer Wishlist 2011

First thing on my list are rings, you've seen this look at Demi Levato, Miley Cyrus and  Kelis. They wear a lot of ring on one hand. Here are my favorites, I found these on Polyvore, this site is like soooo cool. It has a lot of jewelry, clothes and shoes. You can search these items on   sites and you can post them on Polyvore. People all over the word can love it, and see where you found this item. I found like that,  some real cool sites to buy my fashionitems. 
Second it-item this summer, is the maxi-dress. It's already a long time on the catwalk, but now is the time for us to wear it. I can't say so many about this, but one fashiontip; I've seen people who wear a maxi-dress and they put on some high boots too.  It looked like sh*t. So don't do that... Maybe (I say MAYBE) you can try that look for carnaval, but please don't. That's a crime against the fashionrules! I've found this hippie-african outfit from ICH and this basics fashionsoldier dress from Modstorm. These are all from the site; Check it out!

The next one, is the blush, with a pink teint. Last summer it was all about orange colors and lipstick. Now, this summer, I've found these cute, pink colors. Don't bring it on on your cheeks, but under your cheeks. Normally, I've got others pics, from NYC and E.L.F. but I couldn't upload them on TREND.ME. Too bad, but I've got this panel from Catrice.
New trend alert; TANKTOPS!  I love them soooo much. They're are perfect to wear with high-taille skirt or pants. You've got short ones, and these you can wear with a jeanshort like on the pics. I've found this Inca- top, at Newlook and another one, with a cool text. (both 9.95) And there are also long version, to wear with a long, skinny. Wear it with a long neclase and many bracelets. This one is from Pimkie. Do you love them as much as I do?
Okay, at this moment, you're probably thinking "This isn't a new trend". And it isn't, I admit, but I'm crazy about brogues. So classy, and it's for boys and girls. In all different colors and prints, with a heel, or flats. OMG, love them, love them... This white pair, sf a more man-model with a small heel. And all that, for only 49,90 at CaféModa. The brown one with embroidery is onely 19.95 at NewLook. What's your favorite? Let me know...

Next on, the jumpsuits. They're sooo cute, you've seen them at Katy Perry and Robyn. All the cool celebs, according to me. This one with the bow is like super adorable, I've orderd it on Urban Stiletto. The other one, I found at NewLook, and it's already into another trend, denim. As you can see, they aren't so expensive, so don't doubt anymore and buy them!

Let's hope I can help with your summerwishlist. There are just a few trending items for this summer and here I have collected them for you. So search your favorites, and hurry you but quick to the shopping centre.

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Happy Joepie-day!

 Yes, the examns are over! Not totally over, I've got just one left. English, really hard to study (sarcasm...). But to the point, I don't knwo if you care, of do you now it, but my favorite magazine ( I know as a fashionblogger it should be Vogue, but I'm not so normal, sorry for that.) Joepie has his 200th magazine published. It's already 20 years out, but I read it just for 5 years... It tells us about the celberities, fashion (hihi, told you so...), and so much more and for this anniversairy they've published a very thick edition. Already more than 100 pages! Maybe if you interested and you want to read this too, if you live in Belgium (wow, like me. ;D) or in the Netherlands you can buy it in a shop, but if you don't you can order them on the site (see link above). I don't know if you can order this edition anymore... Sorry, for that again. In this one there are (als je nederlands kan lezen, zal dit makkelijker voor je zijn) some articles about the fashionicons, like Audrey Hepburn, Marlyn Monroe, Princess Diana,... There's also a shoe-bible and two big posters. The hotties on the front page are the Idol-guys from Belgium, not bad is it? Hahah, let me know...


dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Let's go for the twohundred. . . Thankyou!

Hi, everyone, who reads this. First of all thank you for reading, cause I know I ain't much on my blog, anymore. But there is a reason for that... I'm in the middle of my examns. Just 3 more days and then I've got the whole vacation to care of my lovely blog again.Of course I'll go to Italy, France and a little town in Belgium, for a camp. But I'll try to take my laptop to the trip to France. That's with my parents, but the others are with other teens. So I wont smuggle him to there, that would be too dangerous with all the survival-stuff ;D . But back to the point, I want to thank you all for following my blog, I've already got more then 100 followers! Yeey! It's just like three months ago I started my blog, and I just could hope that I would have 100 followers. So again, thank you...


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donderdag 16 juni 2011

LoL. ;D I found this cool pic while I was taking a break from the studying. And it's right, it's already my sixth break. Oh yeah...


woensdag 15 juni 2011

January Jones for W Magazine

January Jones -such a great model- has done a photoshout for W Magazine. Here's the result. I wont write a lot today, but I wanted to post till something today. Tomorrow I've got an examn of maths. Aargh! and that's something that doesn't work out for me. Let's hope my points wont be so bad so I can have a reat summer without ennoying parents. But back to the point. I just love this shoot! It's called 'Mad Sex', but there ain't so dirty I think. Maybe because it still has to lay in the shops in Amerika? But they shoudln't call it like that. What do you think about it? Let me know!


dinsdag 14 juni 2011

I just love Jeffrey Campbell! He's just awsome. His shoes are futuristic and very cool. I think that they have some things of the shoes of Alexander McQueen in Lady Gaga's clip 'Bad Romance'. So here are my favorites. They aren't very cheap, but they are so cool, you'll blink out on the streets with this lovely pair. Jeffrey loves to work with woud heels, and that's so cool. That's what makes the designs so cool. The heels are always special. You've got the round, the bows and the leaning heel. And there are sow many colours to chose of! You can bur they pearls at EnviShoes. It's a cool site, where they sell the coolest shoes. The most designs from the site are from Campbell but there are also some little, beginning designer. Who can become great with this site... What do you think? Also in love with Jeffrey Campbell?


maandag 13 juni 2011

Don't you knwo ModCloth? Oh my god... You silly... It's a fantastic site! I just love the clothes, the shoes and so much more. Almost all my top-loves of Fashionlista are from that site. And when I was surfing again, for my loves for Fashionlista, I found these cool nail-stickers at ModCloth. Now, you can do like Jessie J in her new clip 'Nobody's Perfect'. There she puts little clocks and other things on her nails. You can do it a bit less extravagant, with these stickers. You have ones with stripes, polka-dots, and little hearts... Sooo cute! And for only 11.99. It's a sell! You can do it all by yourself, so you don't have to pay for a manicure anymore. My favorites are the polkadots. What are your favorites? Tell me all about it!


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woensdag 8 juni 2011

AddFashion dead? + Birthday!

No, i'm not. But there won't be so many posts as normally.  At the moment I'm in the middle of my exams, and I need to learn a lot, so I haven't got so much time for posts. So I'm not dead but if they'll be any posts they won't be so long. So sorry for that anyway! I'll make it up to you after the schoolyear!

Second; today it's 8 June, not such a special day you think? Wel IT IS! It's my birthday. Yeey! I've got a lot of presents already and this weekend I'll go shopping with my friends -with the money that I've got from my parents of course ;). I have already got a lot of mails from my fans who wished me a happy birthday. You too? Let me know in a comment! Thanks


dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton

Angelina Jolie has e contract with Louis Vuitton. She gets milllions for a fiew pics and to wear a bag.I want such a job too! But back to the subject. There's a new collection for LV and Angelina is gonna be the new face for it. There ain't pictures yet, so I can't show you any. But if there are I promise  I will show you. I can't wait to see the new colection, because the others were almost completely the same. Always the brown leather and the Louis Vuitton-logo. Soooo boring! It's pretty but can't you change something to it? That's the it-bag of LV, maybe they could do like Chanel and design a new it-bag. What do you think?


zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Eliza Doolittle models for Moschino

Click on the picture to enlarge.

The "Pack up"-singer changed into a model. She weared her collection 'Cheap & Chic' at the fotoshout for Moschino. It's become a mix of cheap and chic, like the name tell us. There are some relly nice pieces, but some look to cheap for me. I like the yellow pull with 'SMILE' on it, but it makes Eliza a bit fat. And she isn't fat a all, I think she's become too skinny the last time. But I like the idea of the pull and skirt. The little multcolour dress underneath, it isn't bad but for me there are to many prints. Too much is too much... A plus, I l love her shoes! With the last pic, she stays into the trends, a lot of fruits these summer. Cute! The outfit above, is my favorite. It's very girly and still  into the style of Miss Doolittle with the tank top. And she wears the lovely shoes again! Yeey! What do you think about this collection? Tell me all about it!


vrijdag 3 juni 2011

H&M lookbook AW 2011

The Autumn/Winter collection of H&M rocks! It's a bit of trashy and edgy at the sam etime. It has some hippie-looks and still very trashy outfits! I'd go for the more girly, hippie clothes. But everyone wears what they want. They use a lot of red and brown colours, totally different of the collection of D&G, they use still the colour blocking. Something that's the same is that they use both prints. H&M use not busy ptints but prints wih flowers for a natural effect. My favorite look is the one with the little flower dress and the white jacker and the cute hat. What's yoor favorite look? Tell me all about it. If you want to see the show, check out the video below.

 Favorite look, that's the one on the right. Just love it!


donderdag 2 juni 2011

D&G AW 2011

Now the season has begon, there will be a lot of posts about the Autumn/Winter collections. I'm gonna keep you up to date to all the new trends for this winter. Here is one of my favorites. It's Dolce&Gabbana. This winter they use some black tints, to stay to the basics, but there's still some colour blocking left. They use  a lot of print what becomes a bit of a extravagant effect, but that isn't bad, it makes me happy? You too? They me all about it in a comment!
It's a very special collection and if all the AW designs are so happy, it's gonna be a happy winter. In all the outfit they put a lot of prints; stripes, letters, polkadots. They use still the colour blocking, but not so many colours like in the spring collection, they most of all stay with pink, orange, and a bit of green and blue.
If you want to see the whole show, there's a video below. Hope you enjoy!

 A bit to many prints for me...

This is one of my favorites. It's not to busy, but I just love the hangy pants!
 I don't like this outfit, it hasn't got a form and with all those glitters she lookes like a fish!
 Love the colour blocking blazers, at Zara you can buy some low budget like these!

Happy trashy! ;D


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woensdag 1 juni 2011

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Lily Allen showed last week her new collection top the world. With her own brand, Lucy In Disguise, she had already one collection but this one is totally different. The only sad thing is that there's only a shop in London, to bad for us. But when you're in London, now you now where to you. These design are very happy and hippie-like. You have some short dress, you've cocktaildresses and night dresses. They are all very special and very different form eachother? What do you think about it? Does Lily has to keep designing or does she better stop?

Adress of the shop? Here is it for you;
10-13 King Street
Covent Garden

Click on the picture to enlarge.


New It-bag for Chanel

Click on the picture to enlarge.
 Years and years was Chanel the style-icone and her little bags were a real trend. Now after al those years of succes there's a new bag, designed not by Coco, but  by Karl Lagerfeld. It's inspired on the hunting pattern that Miss Chanel likes so much. My opinion, I rather like to stay with the classics. I think it's a fabulous model, but the old version is much more... classic. And everyone knows the old version. On the new it-bag there's the Chanel-sign but...yeah...I don't know. What do you think about it?