donderdag 30 juni 2011

Summer Wishlist 2011

First thing on my list are rings, you've seen this look at Demi Levato, Miley Cyrus and  Kelis. They wear a lot of ring on one hand. Here are my favorites, I found these on Polyvore, this site is like soooo cool. It has a lot of jewelry, clothes and shoes. You can search these items on   sites and you can post them on Polyvore. People all over the word can love it, and see where you found this item. I found like that,  some real cool sites to buy my fashionitems. 
Second it-item this summer, is the maxi-dress. It's already a long time on the catwalk, but now is the time for us to wear it. I can't say so many about this, but one fashiontip; I've seen people who wear a maxi-dress and they put on some high boots too.  It looked like sh*t. So don't do that... Maybe (I say MAYBE) you can try that look for carnaval, but please don't. That's a crime against the fashionrules! I've found this hippie-african outfit from ICH and this basics fashionsoldier dress from Modstorm. These are all from the site; Check it out!

The next one, is the blush, with a pink teint. Last summer it was all about orange colors and lipstick. Now, this summer, I've found these cute, pink colors. Don't bring it on on your cheeks, but under your cheeks. Normally, I've got others pics, from NYC and E.L.F. but I couldn't upload them on TREND.ME. Too bad, but I've got this panel from Catrice.
New trend alert; TANKTOPS!  I love them soooo much. They're are perfect to wear with high-taille skirt or pants. You've got short ones, and these you can wear with a jeanshort like on the pics. I've found this Inca- top, at Newlook and another one, with a cool text. (both 9.95) And there are also long version, to wear with a long, skinny. Wear it with a long neclase and many bracelets. This one is from Pimkie. Do you love them as much as I do?
Okay, at this moment, you're probably thinking "This isn't a new trend". And it isn't, I admit, but I'm crazy about brogues. So classy, and it's for boys and girls. In all different colors and prints, with a heel, or flats. OMG, love them, love them... This white pair, sf a more man-model with a small heel. And all that, for only 49,90 at CaféModa. The brown one with embroidery is onely 19.95 at NewLook. What's your favorite? Let me know...

Next on, the jumpsuits. They're sooo cute, you've seen them at Katy Perry and Robyn. All the cool celebs, according to me. This one with the bow is like super adorable, I've orderd it on Urban Stiletto. The other one, I found at NewLook, and it's already into another trend, denim. As you can see, they aren't so expensive, so don't doubt anymore and buy them!

Let's hope I can help with your summerwishlist. There are just a few trending items for this summer and here I have collected them for you. So search your favorites, and hurry you but quick to the shopping centre.

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