donderdag 2 juni 2011

D&G AW 2011

Now the season has begon, there will be a lot of posts about the Autumn/Winter collections. I'm gonna keep you up to date to all the new trends for this winter. Here is one of my favorites. It's Dolce&Gabbana. This winter they use some black tints, to stay to the basics, but there's still some colour blocking left. They use  a lot of print what becomes a bit of a extravagant effect, but that isn't bad, it makes me happy? You too? They me all about it in a comment!
It's a very special collection and if all the AW designs are so happy, it's gonna be a happy winter. In all the outfit they put a lot of prints; stripes, letters, polkadots. They use still the colour blocking, but not so many colours like in the spring collection, they most of all stay with pink, orange, and a bit of green and blue.
If you want to see the whole show, there's a video below. Hope you enjoy!

 A bit to many prints for me...

This is one of my favorites. It's not to busy, but I just love the hangy pants!
 I don't like this outfit, it hasn't got a form and with all those glitters she lookes like a fish!
 Love the colour blocking blazers, at Zara you can buy some low budget like these!

Happy trashy! ;D


PS; Already more than 350 followers on Fashionlista! Love you all, thanks a lot!

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  2. Love this collection :D Your blog is so cute!would you like to visit mine? xoxo