dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Let's go for the twohundred. . . Thankyou!

Hi, everyone, who reads this. First of all thank you for reading, cause I know I ain't much on my blog, anymore. But there is a reason for that... I'm in the middle of my examns. Just 3 more days and then I've got the whole vacation to care of my lovely blog again.Of course I'll go to Italy, France and a little town in Belgium, for a camp. But I'll try to take my laptop to the trip to France. That's with my parents, but the others are with other teens. So I wont smuggle him to there, that would be too dangerous with all the survival-stuff ;D . But back to the point, I want to thank you all for following my blog, I've already got more then 100 followers! Yeey! It's just like three months ago I started my blog, and I just could hope that I would have 100 followers. So again, thank you...


PS; more than 500 followers on Fashionlista!

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  1. congratulations ,darling ! Hope you get a thousand !<3

    alexandra @