dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Get some LEGO on your shoes!

I found thiscool pic in a magzine, I just taught it was fun and wanted to share it with you! Hope you enjoy and get a lot of inspiration ;).  It was made of a girl who was boring herself and just found a paire of old shoes and some LEGO blocks. Something to try yourself?

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maandag 30 mei 2011

First men shop of H&M in Belgium, yeey!

This week I read in the paper ( Oh my god, I read the paper to much! My previous post was also something of a paper ;P) that H&M will open it's first men shop in Belgium. Not so important for the girls you think, WRONG! If your looking for a low budget- gift for your boyfriend; H&M is the place to be. I just love the H&M shops. There are like five in my environment and a lot of my clothes come from the H&M. I especially love the collections designed by famous people, that's such a cool idea! So now just  a date, and then SHOP!

Here is a little sneak peek;
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zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Nina Day 2011

Have you heard it already? Todays is it the Nina Shopping Day. Welcome to the shopping paradise! If you buy the paper; Het Laatste Nieuws, you have received a cart, with that  cart you can shop with a lot of discout in al possible shops! With my cart in the hand I'm ready to shop al over the land ;D dYou have 10% discount at Torfs, 15% at Charles Vögele, 20% discoutn at Talking French, 12,50 euro disount at Mayerline  and so much more!
There's also a parfume specially designed for Nina,  it's called "I love Nina". You can order a flacon on the website of 15ml for free or buy of the first a whole bottle, it ain't that big but... For 19,95 euro you have a flacon of 50 ml.

So, if you haven't got the paper yet? Buy it immediately and get your own Nina Discount-cart! A lot of shopping pleasure!


woensdag 25 mei 2011

Go natural

Today, I read in a magazine that boys like girls more, if you don't put on too much make up. I'm addicted to make up, so that's not gonna happen. They need to take me like I am. I'm not gonna change myself, for a guy. And I recomment, don't change something to yourself for some of another silly boy. We're all perfect in our own way. Listen to Lady GaGa; "Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you're set.". (~Born This Way)
 But back to the point, I'm gonna make you a list of natural make up (lot of nude- shades). Hope you like it, and you get a boyfriend with the tips (If you haven't one yet ;D)!

Click on the picture to enlarge.
All these products I found at E.L.F. I just love this site! The product aren't too expensive, and the quality isn't bad at all! If you're still looking for good, make up; you've gotta have a look on thz site of Eyes Lips and Face!


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dinsdag 24 mei 2011

Billboard Awards 2011

This week   wore it the Billboard Awards 2011 . I have followed it andgathered  for your the best and worst outfits. I would also apologize  because I haven't  blogt such a  long time.   But I had a small problem with the internet of m'n pc so I could no longer on Blogger.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

One of the most special appearances on the ' white ' carpet was Ke$ha. These wore a dress – if you  may call it a dress -of voile with a few weird bands around her taille. The dress didn't kept her bosom neather. what you also  need to pay attention at, are the flappies on both sides of Ke$ha. Like that you see, that the dress doesn't fit well. One plus,  the top  isn't that bad.
Kelly Rowland, played on safe for one night. She wore a tight, pink, short dress. And white pumps. You can't do something wrong with this outfit, but it isn't a eyecatcher. what I want to infrom is that Kelly is become much skinnier, what wasn't necessary at al. She was soooo pretty like she was. 
Click on the picture to enlarge.
Selena Gomez walked on the carpet without her boyfriend Justin Bieber. Too bad, he was a hasom as she. I like the dress a lot, but I'm not fond of her shoes. They're cute, but nothing to wear to such a special occasion. If you don't note the shoes, it is a ver good outfit! Keep it up Sel!

Rihanna was a real star. She was s white dressed, that you barely could see her.  It like her outfit, it's a nice suit and it fits perfectly with her bright, red hair. But I hate her shoes. I guess Rihanna like shoes with a sharp tip -she wears them a lot-, but I don't.  Again, if you picture the shoes away, it's a good outfit!

Click on the picture to enlarge.
Keri Hilson was one of the best dressed of the evening. She was into the trends, and went totally for colour blocking. She also deyed her hairs blond and put some extensions in it. Good job! The dress haven't got much volume, but it's so colourfull and the belt finishes it so good.

Fergie wore a ' little black dress', while everbody know it's now the age of the' little white dress'. But  Fergie showed us, that it's not out already. She choosed for a special dress, with a lot of metal acessoires and the smokey eyes just does it totally! The special form is cool, but not my style. But thumbs up for so much courage!

Click  on the picture to enlarge.
The best outfit on the carpet is certainly the dress of Taylor Swift. She just looked magical. It was such a shiny dress, with all the glitters and her white skin, she seemed like Edward of the Twiligth-movies. The red lips finish the outfit. Btw; her hairs are soo beautifull styled! I want them tooo!

Kylie Minogue did the same like Fergie, she wore a little balck dress too. But I wasn't e future-dress, but a vintage dress. Her peeptoe's are soo cool. Her outfit on stage, I liked much less. Too white and to tight. She isn't zo young anymore. ;)

Rihanna and Britney Spears seemed to have a lot of fun! ;D


dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Now Jessie's new song is off, (btw I think it's great!), I taught it was time to do the look to . Here above you have the best matching collection of garments from one of the outfits of Jessie's clip ' Price Tag '. I found this one if the cutest outfits  from the clip and this outfit gives Jessie's style the best off. She loves to mix different styles, but I think she loves the most of Urban Chic. I'm also fond of her daring style,  a fashlygele legging with Leopard print, beautiful but nothing for me. My legs would seem sooo thick, but she really looks good in it. Also characteristic are its high heels that she always wears, even when she sings in her song "And your heels so high, you can't even have a good night." And she's damn right , I went a night out with my new heels, and I had so many blisters!


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maandag 16 mei 2011

Like a Fairytale Part 2

This morning I found this in the newspaper. I just taught it was funny, and I wanted to share it with you.

Now that the temperatures on the rise again, and the fresh clothes are coming out of the closets again, is it back time for the ballerinas. Here are some of my favorites one by one. You can go for color blocking or go at  the pastel-direction. It is still not fresh enough, then you can try  a pinhole effect shoe (orange) . You can also wear the bling-bling-shoe, such as this flashy pink pair. My ballerinas are almost all paid, so it is again time to go shopping. Maybe you can here inspire? But what's alread is sure, the ballerina will not be out quickly, so you can feel free to buy a pair or two. Or even more? ;D

I  have a few basics, an ordinary black ballerina. I also have a few Urban Chic shoes of Rocketdog, a white pair of P.I.U.R., and a flashyroze couple of Hedgren. And I wont deny, I also have some cheap ballerinas, not too expensive, so will the quality is not so fantastic. But they stay good for one season. Like that, you can go along with the trends.
Hopefully I could help you with your choice.

PS; if you like one of these above, and you wonna know of which shop they are, you can contact me at addfashion@hotmail.be

zondag 15 mei 2011

Lemons & black at Stella McCartney

For the summer collection of Stella McCartney she inspires  on bright colors, according to the latest trend "color blocking", and basic colors. I am fan of some pieces, but in some stores she really missed the ball according to me. What I find  very cool , all details with limes. That combined with black, gives a very dramatic effect. Maybe something to try this summer? You can also try it at home, but more subtle. Because the new handatssen collection has the same prints and you can buy exactly the same as the models on the catwalk.


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Zara Lookbook May

The new collection of Zara is very varied. You have pieces that are more bohemian and then there's also weather location for the basics. Much more I will not tell you, just have a look!

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Red is taking over Hollywood

You can already read in the title. Red is the new hair color in Hollywood. A few are started with it, and now Hollywood  has red hair. Hayley Williams is known for her red hair, and Hillary Duff changes each week of color, so she could not stay behind. Rihanna does it more risky with bright red.Check it out! Give your opinion below.


woensdag 11 mei 2011

When I once again was surfing the net, I found this super-cute site. The administrators are two purebred fashionlista's who started with a small site ,with cute gems, and now a fantastic well-known site under the fashionlovers. The girls are two students, who are looking for the latest catwalk trends and  like to share it with us. Do you have any questions or would like to subscribe to the newsletter then go to the site In My Dresser or send an email to info@inmydresser.com. Here are some of my favorites;

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dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Miu Miu's show for autumn / winter was definitely worth it. With Miu Miu you go back to the Retro-time. There are some pieces I really like, but there are some who are less good, according to me. But what counts for me,  is your opinion, put a comment and let me know your opinion. There are many other outfit, but here are the best. If you want to see the full show, you can click on the video below.
One of my favorites. ♥

This one is sooo great. I want it! Miu Miu goes for color blocking.

Note the flappy shoes.