zondag 15 mei 2011

Lemons & black at Stella McCartney

For the summer collection of Stella McCartney she inspires  on bright colors, according to the latest trend "color blocking", and basic colors. I am fan of some pieces, but in some stores she really missed the ball according to me. What I find  very cool , all details with limes. That combined with black, gives a very dramatic effect. Maybe something to try this summer? You can also try it at home, but more subtle. Because the new handatssen collection has the same prints and you can buy exactly the same as the models on the catwalk.


PS; Nice to now, AddFashion has already more than 100 followers on Fashionlista! Yeey!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The looks are gorgeous, and has to do with the summer.
    Thanks for following me back

    xoxo ♥


  2. I did a post on that as well! I well liked all the colors and designs <333


  3. Stella is pretty cool! i discover you blog...beautifull! congratulation and go on!