zondag 1 mei 2011

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Once upon a time... So start many fairy tales, but this time did not so agree, but it was still a real fairy tale. Friday was the marriage of the year. The long-awaited marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. They met at college, about 7 years ago and now has the couple give on 29 April 2011 their yes-word to each other, and of course to the many attendees. The wedding took place in a "modest" Church, Westminster Abbey. We have of course on all television channels exuberant can follow, but at the after-party, there were no cameras allowed and there was a limited selection of guests. But while I was viewing the scene was, I could not be otherwise, as a purebred fashionista, viewing all the outfits. Here are the fashion misses and the most beautiful pieces;

The first is natural for the newlywed bride. This was wearing a beautiful dress of Sarah Burton, with a trail of 2.7 meters (!). The makeup remained sober and similarly the bridal bouquet, no excessive bouquet. But a small hanging one, that fits it perfectly. A normal girl who marries a prince, a beautiful, timeless bouquet.

Her sister Pippa should not stay behind, according to some, she had a nicer dress than the bride. I find them both equally successful, but the dress of Pippa is something more modest. Intelligible, because all attention should be paid to her big sister.

I was really shocked when I saw Victoria and David. They were actually very stylishly dressed! A miracle, David's hair combed neatly behind and tight in the suit. For which the medal is, is to me unknown. What does he  actually achieved in his life that a medal is worth? Victoria wore a black dress, about her pregnant belly, I would go for a a dress more like Natalie Portman on the Grammys, which accentuated her feminine shapes without  looking fat. But I think this certainly succeeded. Normally Posh for tight, pink packets, and this time very sober and with a modern and trendy hat. A round of applause for the Beckhams!


My first thought when I  saw this picture, what's with the head? The rest of the outfit  might isn't so bad , but the Royal Blue was just too busy. The dress, the gloves, scarf, ...? It's too much blue, but it may be acceptable. The hat on the other hand, I cannot say much good about it. I thought at first that he was dropped and it stands normal  on her head and not on her forehead. But apparently it is made  so. Pff ... The 'hat' is beautiful, but it is a little weird to wear on a formal marriage. Better luck next time, Tara.

Miriam Gonzalez, Miriam, Miriam, Miriam...mu To much is to much ...Lace, polka dots and a giant flower on her head. I cannot say much good about this outfit. Maybe if you separate everything, then maybe it will work out. But as you can see, it's just a shebang. The plus point any outfit is her little Chanel-bag. That unfortunately is covered with a AddFashion-emblem. Sorry, for that.
The two princesses were not drinking this time, but  wore a formal outfit. By contrast, the hats ... Eugenie had a plastic bow tie on her head stuck and Beatrice had a blue, half a lemon with a bunch of grapes on her head.
Charlene wittstock, the fiancée of the Prince of Monaco, which always is compared with Grace Kelly, was also dressed as Grace Kelly. The classic beauty, also had a classic outfit. In my opinion a bit formless. But she had certainly not made a big mistake. Her slender neck comes out nicely by the subtle V-neckline. They kept it in one color, which perfectly stood at her complexion and her hair color. Thumbs up!
I don't really know what I should think of this outfit. I don't find it's ugly, but I thought Mathilde, as fashionista, she would put much more fashion-content in her outfit. The prince couldn't do many error, these always have their military medals and their Ribbon, sober and yet stylish.

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