zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Nina Day 2011

Have you heard it already? Todays is it the Nina Shopping Day. Welcome to the shopping paradise! If you buy the paper; Het Laatste Nieuws, you have received a cart, with that  cart you can shop with a lot of discout in al possible shops! With my cart in the hand I'm ready to shop al over the land ;D dYou have 10% discount at Torfs, 15% at Charles Vögele, 20% discoutn at Talking French, 12,50 euro disount at Mayerline  and so much more!
There's also a parfume specially designed for Nina,  it's called "I love Nina". You can order a flacon on the website of 15ml for free or buy of the first a whole bottle, it ain't that big but... For 19,95 euro you have a flacon of 50 ml.

So, if you haven't got the paper yet? Buy it immediately and get your own Nina Discount-cart! A lot of shopping pleasure!


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  1. So cool!

    I follow you on fashiolista and now also on your blog, hope you would like to follow my blog back?

    Thank you so much!