vrijdag 30 september 2011

Scarf yourself for this winter

I'm not gonna lie to you, I wont tell you the scarf is a new trend. It's like how old? Very old, but it's still trendy. A nice scarf or foulard if you wanna speak expensive. I personnaly love scarf, I don't just wear them to feel fluffy and warm, but just to look fashionable. Here are my favorites from my favorite webshop; ModCloth. Three ways to wear them this winter: the classic scarf, a banded scarf and one with a lots of prints. Spot the trends and let me know what scarf you like the most...

donderdag 29 september 2011

A flower dress and black leather boots...

We gotta wait a little bit more but at  17 november is the unique collaboration between H&M and the Italian fashion house Versace in the stores. A fiew new pics, have appeared in a Russian Vogue, so here they are. The collection is very special, there are got some colourfull bohemian-pieces, and some really chic rockchick-looks too. Black leather and a lots of studs, love it! Maybe a outfit with a cute flower dress and some black booties? Get inspired by the pics...  Let me know what you think.
All wait till 17 november and then run to H&M for some scratching, biting and saving the nicest clothes. 


woensdag 28 september 2011

Hello Autumn says Urban Stiletto

Today I received  a mail of Urban Stiletto. Most of the times, I wait a fiew days to post about a mail I've got, cause I'm busy busy... But I love Urban Stiletto so much, that I've decided to post already today about it. My post will be about their fantastic new Autumn collection, with the fitting name "Hello Autumn". It's a mix of Urban Street Style and Romantic -butterflies in my belly- kinda thing. I adore the fluffy sweater of Misty, with the cute bow on the shoulder. When my mom is home again (she's on a trip to Monaco, and she didn't want to take me with her, pffff...), I can ask to order it immediatly. I love the dress of Taupe Parissiene -the name on itself is already sooo cool- it's beige, and it's delivered with a black belt with a bow, we're into the bows this season, and a stylisch necklace. My last item on my wishlist is a oceanblue dress, but one of my worries is that I think it's transparant. On the pics you can see the legs a bit to much to my opinion. I'll think about it, the last time I made a little skirt so it wasn't transparant anymore. What are your favorites? Have a look on the site, and let me know...

P.S; already more than 1000 followers on Fashiolista! Thank you hon's!

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donderdag 22 september 2011

Lauran Laine

I found this beautifull drawnings of Laura Laine at Facebook. If you have an account, you can check them out yourself. I think everybody has now Facebook, it's the 21th century, isn't it? They are really cool, make shure you'll let her know if you love her drawnings too...

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dinsdag 20 september 2011

No I.D.

I just wanted to share this clip with you. I didn't know this Colette Carr and Frankmusik. Now I do. They both sing really good, and the song is amazing. But that isn't why it's special. The clip is Grease-like.  You can see some really similar scenes. You see it too? And pay attention to Colette's clothes, they are very retro. I especially love the black and white dress. Which one do you like the most? Maybe the Lady Gaga-inspired look at the car race? Let me know in a comment.

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maandag 19 september 2011

You've got mail

When I opened my mailbox, it was full of lookbooks for this fall and winter. I've got to say, it surprised me. The one who I taught that they would be amazing, weren't so amazing after all. But I've discovered some really nice new brands too. This winter you see a lot of red at Xandres (3), but also Patrizia Pepe (2) used a lot of red. Sportmax (7)  did it very cool, with a black tints, but still some colourfull acessoires. They used some fur, and a lot of hats. But AddFashion-likey.  Terre Bleue (5) is as ussually  very casual and this fall very fluffy with especially woolen scarves and sweaters.Very  stylish, you now.  At Chloé 's they didn't really care about their lookbook, I think. The envelope was very promising, but the lookbook itself was just a paper with some pics and numbres. That has to be better next time... Liu Jo (1) on the other hand was cute; with  lots of fur and brown. The cover of the lookbook was good chosen, a beautifull model with the red lips captured you and make you open their book. Oh god, what's next? I don't know which ones I've already had... Let's have a look. Found ; next is Relish.  This lookbook surprised me the most of all.  The cover was very rockchick-like - you gotta now, that isn't really my style- but inside it was cute and romantic, so make shure you'll have a look on their site. And last but not least, Giovane. The front page was one of the bests. If you have a look on their site, you can see it. Just click on the link above. Their lookbook was a mix of all the others, they used fur, wool, red colors, black, cute hats, asymmetric shapes, the man-suit with filled shoulders,... If you need a bit of every trend, have a look at Giovane.

If you want to receive this too, you can contact the brand,an they'll be able to assist you.

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zondag 18 september 2011

Miauw, Karl...

I saw this cute pics of the new camapign of Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld. I just wanted them to share with you guys. Really adorable, isn't it? Now we can see, why we girls love Chanel so much.

PS; thank you, almost 900 followers on Fashiolista. Love you all honeys...

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donderdag 15 september 2011

Lacoste dumps their crocodile

Shock in fashionworld . For the first time since the start of the brand Lacoste, there appeared clothes without the iconic Lacoste-logo. Why?  The reason is there new designer Oliveira Baptista. She think that the clothes recognisable on their own, and they don't need the logo. I think it isn't such a good idea. Not that she isn't right, but it's just not Lacoste without the crocodile. What do you think, here are some pics. The clothes are cool, and Oliveira used colour blocking, the back-coming trend 'long boots', and oversized-fashion. Let me know what you think...

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woensdag 14 september 2011

All you can shop at Zalando

Weeeeeheeeeee (oh, gosh, that's sounds soooo dorky ;p).  Do you wanna know why I make such a weird sounds? You can shop till you drop at Zolando. I can hear your thinking, "what?!". No really, you can win a year long shopping, you can win for 3600 euro(!) clothes and shoes. We're in heaven baby... To enter this contest, you'll have to be a blogger, because you have to search your perfect outfit on their site and send a link to them. No need if you're not a blogger, you have just enough time to start a blog? ~HINT. From now, still 16 days, 10 hours, 13 minutes and 30 seconds. Enought time, I think...

For Bloggers ( with a big B, duuh!) ;
  • Make your own perfect outfit at Zalando.nl
  • Post these on your blog/site and make shure  you'll notice why you've picked them.
  • Don't forget the place the button in your post, you can find the HTML code on the site.
  • Leave you email, name and URL on the site (you'll see where). So Zalando knows that you've entered the contest, and they can check out your blog.
    For the Facebook-girls;
    Copy the Url's of your favorite items on Zalando and go this page and download them on the Facebook-application.

    Things to win;
    • Shop a year long at Zalando for 3600 euro! (the big surprise, in case you didn't noticed yet ;p)
    • Shop  a year long at Zalando for 100 euro!
    • Shop  a year long at Zalando for 100 euro!
    • Shop  a year long at Zalando for 100 euro!
    • And for the girls wo entered the Facebook-contest, there's 300 euro to spend a year long at Zalando.

    Watch - NIXON
    Hat - Pieces
    Pumps - Chinese Laundry
    Purse - Johnny's
    Vest - Mint & Berry
    Gloves - Black Lily
I know, it's a lot of black, but it's one of my favorite colours and you can't do a lot wrong with it. The outfit has still some cute details with the cute gloves and the flashy blue purse. I really love the peeptoe-pumps from Chinese Laundry, I did never heard from that brand, but I'll shure check it out. And the big 'man'-watch make it's casual. Hope you like, I shure do...

Don't forget the links of the clothes: click here for the cute shoes of Chinese Laundry, here for the cute blue purse of Johnny's. If you want to check out the gloves; click here. The nixon watch, is really a basic one, so you HAVE to have it! Here if you want to order. For the woolen hat, click right here. And last but not least, the vest of Mint & Berry.

zalando all you can shop

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maandag 12 september 2011

2x WIN...WIN...

Today, I've got good news. There are two contests. One, to win a restyling and photoshoot at L&L and the other a new outfit from Supertrash at COSI COSI. Can I have an applause?

Restyling & shoot... @ L&L
Sorry, but this one is only for the Belgian girls. The shoot is in Belgium, and yeah, that far away if you life in the U.S.
You'll be picked up at your home as a special guest, and you'll be prepared fot this exciting day. Jani Kazaltis, a very known Belgian stylist, will be you guide true the day. He'll help you search for the perfect outfit at L&L. After that, your hair and make-up will be done, and you're ready for the  photographer. Your pics will be used for the L&L winterspecial. The day will be closed with a big surprise. Guess wat that will be? PARTYYY...
Wonna enter this contest? Go to www.nina.be/lolaliza!

WIN 10 outfit from SuperTrash
Haven't found the perfect winter outfit? Found the solution. Nina gives 5 duo's a great new outfit at COSI COSI. You can shop fot 400 euro(!). You can chose who you're gonna take with you; your sister? BFF? Or even your mom... You wanna have all this? Send before 17 september, a cute pic of yourself and the person who you're gonna take at nina@hln.be. The subject has to be 'SuperTrash'. And tell us why you would like to win. Don't forget your name, adress and telephone number. The winners will be called.

Problem with your hotmail? Don't panic, you can also send a lettre with the same info and picture to :
Brusselsesteenweg 347
1730 Kobbegem

Remember only for belgian AddFashion-lovers ;)

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donderdag 8 september 2011

Old trend in a new indian jacket

Last winter, the big pull was in. Now Isabel Marant, made a new version of that trend. She also made this pulls, but these were Navajo-inspired. Navajo is a kind of indians who lived in the U.S. It's called chique with an ethical tint. Now it's becoming cold again, it's THE time to buy one, soo all to the mall! What do you think? Wearable of trash-food? Let me now...

This cute dress with frangles is the AddFashion's favorite!
 Love the boots! I'm also fond of mocassins, frangles-love!

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