woensdag 28 september 2011

Hello Autumn says Urban Stiletto

Today I received  a mail of Urban Stiletto. Most of the times, I wait a fiew days to post about a mail I've got, cause I'm busy busy... But I love Urban Stiletto so much, that I've decided to post already today about it. My post will be about their fantastic new Autumn collection, with the fitting name "Hello Autumn". It's a mix of Urban Street Style and Romantic -butterflies in my belly- kinda thing. I adore the fluffy sweater of Misty, with the cute bow on the shoulder. When my mom is home again (she's on a trip to Monaco, and she didn't want to take me with her, pffff...), I can ask to order it immediatly. I love the dress of Taupe Parissiene -the name on itself is already sooo cool- it's beige, and it's delivered with a black belt with a bow, we're into the bows this season, and a stylisch necklace. My last item on my wishlist is a oceanblue dress, but one of my worries is that I think it's transparant. On the pics you can see the legs a bit to much to my opinion. I'll think about it, the last time I made a little skirt so it wasn't transparant anymore. What are your favorites? Have a look on the site, and let me know...

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