maandag 19 september 2011

You've got mail

When I opened my mailbox, it was full of lookbooks for this fall and winter. I've got to say, it surprised me. The one who I taught that they would be amazing, weren't so amazing after all. But I've discovered some really nice new brands too. This winter you see a lot of red at Xandres (3), but also Patrizia Pepe (2) used a lot of red. Sportmax (7)  did it very cool, with a black tints, but still some colourfull acessoires. They used some fur, and a lot of hats. But AddFashion-likey.  Terre Bleue (5) is as ussually  very casual and this fall very fluffy with especially woolen scarves and sweaters.Very  stylish, you now.  At Chloé 's they didn't really care about their lookbook, I think. The envelope was very promising, but the lookbook itself was just a paper with some pics and numbres. That has to be better next time... Liu Jo (1) on the other hand was cute; with  lots of fur and brown. The cover of the lookbook was good chosen, a beautifull model with the red lips captured you and make you open their book. Oh god, what's next? I don't know which ones I've already had... Let's have a look. Found ; next is Relish.  This lookbook surprised me the most of all.  The cover was very rockchick-like - you gotta now, that isn't really my style- but inside it was cute and romantic, so make shure you'll have a look on their site. And last but not least, Giovane. The front page was one of the bests. If you have a look on their site, you can see it. Just click on the link above. Their lookbook was a mix of all the others, they used fur, wool, red colors, black, cute hats, asymmetric shapes, the man-suit with filled shoulders,... If you need a bit of every trend, have a look at Giovane.

If you want to receive this too, you can contact the brand,an they'll be able to assist you.

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