woensdag 14 september 2011

All you can shop at Zalando

Weeeeeheeeeee (oh, gosh, that's sounds soooo dorky ;p).  Do you wanna know why I make such a weird sounds? You can shop till you drop at Zolando. I can hear your thinking, "what?!". No really, you can win a year long shopping, you can win for 3600 euro(!) clothes and shoes. We're in heaven baby... To enter this contest, you'll have to be a blogger, because you have to search your perfect outfit on their site and send a link to them. No need if you're not a blogger, you have just enough time to start a blog? ~HINT. From now, still 16 days, 10 hours, 13 minutes and 30 seconds. Enought time, I think...

For Bloggers ( with a big B, duuh!) ;
  • Make your own perfect outfit at Zalando.nl
  • Post these on your blog/site and make shure  you'll notice why you've picked them.
  • Don't forget the place the button in your post, you can find the HTML code on the site.
  • Leave you email, name and URL on the site (you'll see where). So Zalando knows that you've entered the contest, and they can check out your blog.
    For the Facebook-girls;
    Copy the Url's of your favorite items on Zalando and go this page and download them on the Facebook-application.

    Things to win;
    • Shop a year long at Zalando for 3600 euro! (the big surprise, in case you didn't noticed yet ;p)
    • Shop  a year long at Zalando for 100 euro!
    • Shop  a year long at Zalando for 100 euro!
    • Shop  a year long at Zalando for 100 euro!
    • And for the girls wo entered the Facebook-contest, there's 300 euro to spend a year long at Zalando.

    Watch - NIXON
    Hat - Pieces
    Pumps - Chinese Laundry
    Purse - Johnny's
    Vest - Mint & Berry
    Gloves - Black Lily
I know, it's a lot of black, but it's one of my favorite colours and you can't do a lot wrong with it. The outfit has still some cute details with the cute gloves and the flashy blue purse. I really love the peeptoe-pumps from Chinese Laundry, I did never heard from that brand, but I'll shure check it out. And the big 'man'-watch make it's casual. Hope you like, I shure do...

Don't forget the links of the clothes: click here for the cute shoes of Chinese Laundry, here for the cute blue purse of Johnny's. If you want to check out the gloves; click here. The nixon watch, is really a basic one, so you HAVE to have it! Here if you want to order. For the woolen hat, click right here. And last but not least, the vest of Mint & Berry.

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  1. Fabulous give away... great post and great blog.
    I am following you back :-)
    Bisou Anna