vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Sur le pont d'Avignon...

Hi, honeys. Firsrt of all, I'm soooo sorry. When we left, I taught I had my cable from my camera with me. But, that ain't true. My dad forgot it in our living room. Aaaargh! So, sorry for that. But I'll promise I'll post the pics, when I'm back. F*ck...f*ck... I feel like soo stupid: I promised you guys something, and I can't make it happen... But I'll make the best of it. ;)
Now I'm good and wel in the hotel, it isn't so bad at all. The weather is good, lot of sunshine, a nice room; one little, tiny problem. My closet, is too small for all my clothes and shoes. My mum said I took to much, and maube she's right, but you'll never know, when the weather will be bad or something.
My day looks like this; in the morning, I go jogging or I swimm in the pool, then I have breakfast with my parents, and my lil' sis. Then I visit a village with my mum, and in the afternoon, you can find me at the pool.
Every day, I'll take enough pics, so you wont be bored after my trip. Today, I've visit a little city called Lacoste ( just like the brand ;p ). And tomorrow, I'll visit Avignon. You might knwo that from the song "Sur le pont d'Avignon" ? Soo, let me know how your vacation is and tell me if your closet is big enough ;)

dinsdag 19 juli 2011

BACK IN BELGIUM.. but not for long

Hi, honeys. I'm back in Belgium. Hope you missed me, sadly when I was gone. I couldn't post a lot and my statistics wore like -OMG- soooo low. But that is the thing I wanna change. Tomorrow, I leave for a trip to France. So, I wont be here to post. BUT, before you start crying, I've got some good news. In my hotel, there's Wifi. Yes, yes ;p. Because I'm so far of the fashionworld, I can't post a lot about fashionshows- or news, but I'll try to post some pics, every day. Normally, those will be some of my outfit and some cute pics from the neighborhood. I'm accually glad that I've got another vacation, because my 10-days camp to Italy was soo tiring. I tought I would die... We've raft (you know that? With those little boats), mountainbiked, showered under a waterfall of 12meter and a trek trough the mountains. I didn't had a lot of time for my  clothes, but it was so much fun! And all those guys, yummie...  But back to the subject. Tomorrow, I'll leave for France - at four o'clock in the morning (!)- and the first maybe I'll be a bit tired, but I'll have some nap. And try to keep you guys in my mind and take the whole day pictures for you, so I can post. Hope you like that idea?
Remember, love you...

dinsdag 5 juli 2011

AddFashion leaving for Italy

Oh, gosh. What did I do  to myself? In two days, I leave for Italy. I know, that doesn't soudn to bad, but it is a survival camp. And I'm more a girly-girl. But it will work out good, I hope... I'll mountainbike, go to an adventure parc, I go raften too and so much more. Me and my two (girl-)friends, hoped to meet some nice guys there. It's more a boy-camp. Oeeewaah! No, it will be fun, with or without guys. So, sorry for not posting during 10 days. But if I don't post after 10 days, I will be dead because I felt down a clif or crashed with my MTB. I'll miss you, my little honeys...

PS; While I'm gone, it would be nice if you sent some wishlist for my Vimodos Promotion. See the page next to this column.

Dior SS 2011 (without Galliano)

This week Dior showed their new collection. Now without John Galliano. A big mistake, because the collection is soooo bad. It's mix of wrong colour blockin, a lot of prints and weird hats. I'll write my commetns below the pics. Good?
What the f*ck is she wearing on her head? I feel pitty for the model to walk like this... The dress isn't so bad, but if you see te rest you'll see it's one of the best outfits.
Is she wearing a flower? Did she put her finger in the plug? And is that a necklace? Oh god...
This one, is almost nice. But I've seen it many times before. So again missed.
In the newspaper: "Clown escaped".
Watch her brows, they are white!? That's impossible. The gladiator-jacket is too big, and the skirt isn't wel-formed.
Love the skirt, an that's the only thing. We're not learning maths, are we? If we aren't, what are the blocks doing up there?
This is the most normal piece of the collection, and love the print. Less is more, remember that.
Do I have to comment here?
As you can notice, I'm not really a fan of the new collection. Please, please let Galliano come back!

PS; Help me, for more information, check out the "Vimodos Promotion" page (next to this column). Thanks!

maandag 4 juli 2011

Vimodos promotion @ AddFashion

About a week ago, Vimodos sent me a mail. They told me there was a contest, you had to find a way to promote Vimodos on your blog. I started immediatly thinking, and my idea was; All my readers could make a wishlist on Vimodos. Every wihslist excists out 5 items, from Vimodos that you love the most. After I've got all the wishlists, everyone could vote for their favorites. The favorite lists, can get their wishlist of the site. But if you've all voted, there will be a trending item. That item will be thé gadget of Vimodos for a whole year. I'll post my own wishlist in a few days, and you can send yours to me @ addfashion@hotmail.be (and I'll post it on my blog) or you can post it on your own blog and send a mail with a link to me. Is this a cool idea? And will you help me? Tell me...

zondag 3 juli 2011


You've seen the new bag from Hermes? You don't? OMG, it's like soooo cool. I've spotted it at a festival? Somebody weared it, probably because she wanted to eat a bit healty with al those beers and pizzas. Now you can eat an apple, without looking stupid. Now you've got the apple bag! I haven't found the price on the site, but I suppose it isn't so good for my purse. You're planning to buy one? Tell me...

vrijdag 1 juli 2011


You've seen the new parfume of Marc Jacobs? Lola? Wel, it is such a adorable bottle. I would buy it just for the bottlle. But when I saw the new frangance of Justin Bieber; Someday. It was clearly faked. The colors ain't the same, but the design and the figure are just the same. I'm not such a great fan of Justin, but I was shure he was orignial. Now I've seen, he isn't. Maybe he didn't designed the bottle, but he could say something about it. What do you think?