dinsdag 19 juli 2011

BACK IN BELGIUM.. but not for long

Hi, honeys. I'm back in Belgium. Hope you missed me, sadly when I was gone. I couldn't post a lot and my statistics wore like -OMG- soooo low. But that is the thing I wanna change. Tomorrow, I leave for a trip to France. So, I wont be here to post. BUT, before you start crying, I've got some good news. In my hotel, there's Wifi. Yes, yes ;p. Because I'm so far of the fashionworld, I can't post a lot about fashionshows- or news, but I'll try to post some pics, every day. Normally, those will be some of my outfit and some cute pics from the neighborhood. I'm accually glad that I've got another vacation, because my 10-days camp to Italy was soo tiring. I tought I would die... We've raft (you know that? With those little boats), mountainbiked, showered under a waterfall of 12meter and a trek trough the mountains. I didn't had a lot of time for my  clothes, but it was so much fun! And all those guys, yummie...  But back to the subject. Tomorrow, I'll leave for France - at four o'clock in the morning (!)- and the first maybe I'll be a bit tired, but I'll have some nap. And try to keep you guys in my mind and take the whole day pictures for you, so I can post. Hope you like that idea?
Remember, love you...

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  1. Hi! Dank je voor je berichtje op Fashiolista! Wij volgen je blog nu! Volg je ons dan ook terug? :)
    http://www.annaeva.blogspot.com, X

  2. Love the post!Hahaha i'm in Belgium too!

  3. Welcome back, I'm following your great blog


    Julie from http://ablogwithus.blogspot.com

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    Thank you so much,

    www.biancaallegra.blogspot.com xx

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