vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Sur le pont d'Avignon...

Hi, honeys. Firsrt of all, I'm soooo sorry. When we left, I taught I had my cable from my camera with me. But, that ain't true. My dad forgot it in our living room. Aaaargh! So, sorry for that. But I'll promise I'll post the pics, when I'm back. F*ck...f*ck... I feel like soo stupid: I promised you guys something, and I can't make it happen... But I'll make the best of it. ;)
Now I'm good and wel in the hotel, it isn't so bad at all. The weather is good, lot of sunshine, a nice room; one little, tiny problem. My closet, is too small for all my clothes and shoes. My mum said I took to much, and maube she's right, but you'll never know, when the weather will be bad or something.
My day looks like this; in the morning, I go jogging or I swimm in the pool, then I have breakfast with my parents, and my lil' sis. Then I visit a village with my mum, and in the afternoon, you can find me at the pool.
Every day, I'll take enough pics, so you wont be bored after my trip. Today, I've visit a little city called Lacoste ( just like the brand ;p ). And tomorrow, I'll visit Avignon. You might knwo that from the song "Sur le pont d'Avignon" ? Soo, let me know how your vacation is and tell me if your closet is big enough ;)

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  1. toller blog schau doch mal bei miir vorbei :)