dinsdag 5 juli 2011

AddFashion leaving for Italy

Oh, gosh. What did I do  to myself? In two days, I leave for Italy. I know, that doesn't soudn to bad, but it is a survival camp. And I'm more a girly-girl. But it will work out good, I hope... I'll mountainbike, go to an adventure parc, I go raften too and so much more. Me and my two (girl-)friends, hoped to meet some nice guys there. It's more a boy-camp. Oeeewaah! No, it will be fun, with or without guys. So, sorry for not posting during 10 days. But if I don't post after 10 days, I will be dead because I felt down a clif or crashed with my MTB. I'll miss you, my little honeys...

PS; While I'm gone, it would be nice if you sent some wishlist for my Vimodos Promotion. See the page next to this column.

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  1. Dank je wel voor je comment op Fashiolista. Leuke blog! Follow me back?

    XX Sophie


  2. Leuke blog. Ik volg hem nu! Zou je me terug willen volgen? Thanks!



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  5. Oi
    adorei seu blog
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