vrijdag 1 juli 2011


You've seen the new parfume of Marc Jacobs? Lola? Wel, it is such a adorable bottle. I would buy it just for the bottlle. But when I saw the new frangance of Justin Bieber; Someday. It was clearly faked. The colors ain't the same, but the design and the figure are just the same. I'm not such a great fan of Justin, but I was shure he was orignial. Now I've seen, he isn't. Maybe he didn't designed the bottle, but he could say something about it. What do you think?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. omg you re right!
    they are almost identical :O

    i dont believe that justin bieber is the one who was responsible for the design of the fragrance bottle though...

  2. They are really similar... =/

    kiss, Pi