maandag 4 juli 2011

Vimodos promotion @ AddFashion

About a week ago, Vimodos sent me a mail. They told me there was a contest, you had to find a way to promote Vimodos on your blog. I started immediatly thinking, and my idea was; All my readers could make a wishlist on Vimodos. Every wihslist excists out 5 items, from Vimodos that you love the most. After I've got all the wishlists, everyone could vote for their favorites. The favorite lists, can get their wishlist of the site. But if you've all voted, there will be a trending item. That item will be thé gadget of Vimodos for a whole year. I'll post my own wishlist in a few days, and you can send yours to me @ (and I'll post it on my blog) or you can post it on your own blog and send a mail with a link to me. Is this a cool idea? And will you help me? Tell me...

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  1. thanks for your comment sweetie... and I was following your blog already!! kisses :D