maandag 5 september 2011

Live like a Barbie-girl: Joy of Pink

Eyoooo, guys. I know it's a long time, I wrote on my blog. But I was so busy, and I said to myself, on 1 september- when school starts- I'll blog again. But the first days it was a bit hectical, but now I was checking my Facebook, and I felt lmike bloggin'. So here it is, your brand new post from AddFashion ;d BACK IN BUSSINES.

My post today, is about the new parfume of Lacoste. It's called Joy of Pink, the name is good choosen. I would buy it, cause I'm a real Barbie-girl. I adore pink, it such a beautifull colour. But back to the parfume. The name makes it sound very girly, but the smell is more sporty spice. When the flacon was delivered at my home, and I saw the campaign photos, it's al Barbie-pink. l-Love it! 
It smell very sparkling and full of spring ;very fresh. Full of energy, for a sporty spice ;) You can smell grapefruit and blue caraçao and lots of exotics fruits. So if you're planning a sportif vacation on Hawaï, you know what to do?

If you look closely, you can see Alexa Chung, she was one of the models fot the campaign.

PS; I didn't stopped with Fashiolista, and have almost 900 followers. Thank you guys ;) We're running for the 1000!

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