dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Royal Sale Madness...

... at Urban Stiletto. Don't you know this fashionable site? Make shure you'll have a look later, it's so cool. They pay attention to the newest trends and their clothes are sooo cute. I've bought a new nude coloured-skirt, it was delivered yesterday. I love it!  But, where I was planning to talk about was ; there's another  Royal Sale Madness at Urban Stiletto! More than 70% sale at the end of the madness-week. Every day, there is more discount, so you'll best waith till the last sec to order. Maybe there will be less cool clothes, so... Here are some of my favorite pieces:

PS; Thank you, honeys. More than 800 followers (!!!) on Fashiolista. Make shure you'll check out my find and follow me if you like, I'll follow you back, of course.

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