dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

Get the fashiondrive

Hi, guys, it's already been a while that I've posted but, yeah. Okaaay, back to the subject. While I was in France, I took pics of everything I liked. You'll get those in one of my next posts. And on a little market I regonised a purse that Mayo W. showed a lot on LookBook. I fanned her, so if you like her cute outfits too, fan her! If you haven't got a LookBook-account, make shure you get one, it's like soo cool. You can show your daily-outfits to the rest of the fashionworld and they can like you. You can also have a look on my LookBook ; check out AddFashion. ( hint...hint... ;p ) But, back to the point, this carbag is like high AddFashion-rated. It's so cute and original. I didn't know the price and at that moment I didn't got any money -forgot that at my room- so, to bad I couldn't buy it. You know where you can get one or you have any questions leave a comment and let me know?

PS; more than 800 followers on Fashiolista! Love you, honeys...

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