maandag 16 mei 2011

Now that the temperatures on the rise again, and the fresh clothes are coming out of the closets again, is it back time for the ballerinas. Here are some of my favorites one by one. You can go for color blocking or go at  the pastel-direction. It is still not fresh enough, then you can try  a pinhole effect shoe (orange) . You can also wear the bling-bling-shoe, such as this flashy pink pair. My ballerinas are almost all paid, so it is again time to go shopping. Maybe you can here inspire? But what's alread is sure, the ballerina will not be out quickly, so you can feel free to buy a pair or two. Or even more? ;D

I  have a few basics, an ordinary black ballerina. I also have a few Urban Chic shoes of Rocketdog, a white pair of P.I.U.R., and a flashyroze couple of Hedgren. And I wont deny, I also have some cheap ballerinas, not too expensive, so will the quality is not so fantastic. But they stay good for one season. Like that, you can go along with the trends.
Hopefully I could help you with your choice.

PS; if you like one of these above, and you wonna know of which shop they are, you can contact me at

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