maandag 2 mei 2011

3x Shoe Newsflash

Christian Louboutin, popular with many stars, has a new shoe collection on the market and one of the most special pieces, is certainly this 'Alex'. It is a lion's claw than a camel-colored heels, and the ever famous red sole. I think this is a super shoe, but would not carry him to go to school, That would be pretty weird, wouldn't it? The price is not yet known, but let's hope he soon will be in Belgian shops. There Louboutin stores in Antwerp and Brussels.

Second news, Christian Louboutin is mad at YSL. Yves Saint Laurent has got  a new shoe on the market, with a red sole. Coincidence that the trademark of Louboutin. But fact: The YSL-Shoes is red, and thus the sole. And they had never intended to copy Christian. I am fans of Louboutins, but now he goes too far. Yves Saint Laurent's shoe has a nice design and I have no problem with the red soles, so stop sh * tting. I've seen more shoes with a red sole, and I have at home a couple of them , and thos brands haven't got a  process lawsuit. Just because YSL is  a big name, you don't need to get  angry with the shoe designer. Everyone has their own view of fashion and if it turns out that once they have the same idea, the world  doesn't perishes, not?

The long-awaited collaboration has come, people prepare you. Givenchy has designed a pair of shoes for Converse All Star. Yess! Finally, a good-for-the-wallet shoe of a great designer. Woehoe! I'm so happy. Now hope they'll be soon in our store shelves. You'll  be soon  able to order them on the site (see link above). I like the shoes entirely succeeded. It is a beautiful design of  a basic-Converse with a pantherprint ,appropriate to the new clothing collection, the Givenchy logo and the Converse logo. A nice mix of both. I would never combine them like here on the photo, because a panther-legging and the Givenchy's is just too much of a good stuff. So be carefull with that ...


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