dinsdag 26 april 2011

Today it is just a short blog post, and I would also again excuse because I just haven't posted a few days. But I promise I'll make it up to you. I will be talking about Cody Simpson, I'm just crazy of him. Not like all those hysterical fans, I first loved just him of his music. But not so long ago I dreamed about him. No such drool-dream, but a very normal dream. Like I dream  about a 'normal' boy . I really feel like I know him now. I understand by now, you'll probably find me a freak. Just for clarity, I'm not. I'm a very normal girl that once dreamed about a special boy. And briefly here; Cody as you read this? React! (probably  you're reading this, but  I can still try ?)


Back to the point; for the new movie "HOP", how applicable for the Easter period, Cody makes the soundtrack. The film is certainly worth it, it tells about a rabbit, EB, which is the Easter Bunny. But who doesn't  want that, and  goes to Los Angeles  to become a drummer. He become friends with a man, and soon also in trouble. A kind of ninja-bunnies try to bring him back with violence to Easter country. The song I feel also very successful. Above you can see a video of the song while Cody sings and gives his opinion.


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