woensdag 20 april 2011

Briefly, but on April 27, is the so far. It is the International Dressesday. Everyone being called a dress to wear. So with this, put it in your calendar and choose today your outfit! I already have my outfit, but I promise to take photos of them on my blog, 27 april. I found this post a bit too short so I set up some pics that can inspire your choice.

Miley Cyrus wore this dress on the red carpet, last year. But  well in the white version, but also because this dark best model would make her look older. I find this dress by Dior very successful. I find the flower-effect gjust fantastic. If I could, this dress hung certainly in my wardrobe.

So if anyone knows Lily Allen was the face of Chanel, but now she is again replaced by Blake Lively. But now Chanel promotes its new perfume, Coco Mademoiselle, with Keira Knightley. I find this dress very cute, and it fits perfectly with Lily's figure.

Kyra Sedgwick wore this dress and it was good, very good even. This was partly due to Kyra's figure, but it is in itself a fantastic dress. Designed by Armani dress, was grey and mat color and did thereby Kyra's face and hairstyle nice hatch. Now even dare to say that simply can not be pretty.

This retro dress I found on ModCloth. It's just take a look at the site, if you're  looking for really original clothes!


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