vrijdag 22 april 2011

Butterfly Effect

I know what you all think, again Alexander McQueen. But this time I'm going to share the summer and spring collection with you. I am big fan of Alexander's work, I also think it is such a pity that he has left us so early. He had a big name in the fashion world and managed the trends of the moment.
This summer  Alexander chooses  to be even more extravaganter. The hairstyle are braided, but not the braids are like little girls, but the word models their hair braided in a kind of carpet of their hair. The models needed to sit for a long time in the barbers chair for this show.

This spring and summer goes Alexander for light fabrics, white tones and natural looking materials. A common element is  raffia. There is also a lot of patchwork and the silhouettes remain soft and sleek, yet feminine.
In the spring, the existence is put in front, with many links to nature. But the summer, is more for the darker fabrics with a high hip, so reach the female forms better.

The accessories are also soo cute. He worked for the shoes with butterflies, shells, grain and leaves of trees. But no real ;). Below I put a few pictures of them.

 What do you think of this collection? Best or worst work of Alexander?

 I'm wondering of these are real butterflies?

This dress is so cool!

 Become a real fashion soldier.
Note the shoes!

 Another butterfly!  

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