zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Eliza Doolittle models for Moschino

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The "Pack up"-singer changed into a model. She weared her collection 'Cheap & Chic' at the fotoshout for Moschino. It's become a mix of cheap and chic, like the name tell us. There are some relly nice pieces, but some look to cheap for me. I like the yellow pull with 'SMILE' on it, but it makes Eliza a bit fat. And she isn't fat a all, I think she's become too skinny the last time. But I like the idea of the pull and skirt. The little multcolour dress underneath, it isn't bad but for me there are to many prints. Too much is too much... A plus, I l love her shoes! With the last pic, she stays into the trends, a lot of fruits these summer. Cute! The outfit above, is my favorite. It's very girly and still  into the style of Miss Doolittle with the tank top. And she wears the lovely shoes again! Yeey! What do you think about this collection? Tell me all about it!


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